About Me

Hi there!

I’m a coffee drinker. In one day can spend 6-10 mugs of coffee. Instant sacheted coffee for practical reasons. The more deadlines that must be resolved, the higher the intensity I drink coffee. That’s why my stomach and kidneys are in trouble. I know one day I have to stop torturing the body that way, but separating a creative worker with coffee as hard as moving a mountain. Someone else might, but I’m not.

Problems in my stomach and coffee have led me to a new adventure: non-manufactured coffee tours. ¬†For me this kind of middle way, on one hand my passion for coffee can be accommodated, on the other side my stomach is saved. You probably already know that pure coffee is processed in a traditional way is good for health. The word “coffee” has brought me adventures to many places, to many people. Coffee took me to Coffee Congress, black arabica and robusta “handmade” black coffee processed by friends of coffee farmers.

However, talking about coffee means talking about culture, not just a cup of black liquor presented at our table every morning. Talking about coffee also talks about a long production chain from starting seed selection to marketing. Speaking of coffee means talking about the category of farmers as a subsistence or farmer peasant who responds more quickly to innovation. The farmer’s category is new from Wolf’s point of view, an anthropologist who approaches evolutively. Not to mention the category of farmers based on the theory put forward by other anthropologists