healthy coffee brands
healthy coffee brands

How to Spot Healthy Coffee Brands

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To a hardcore fan of coffee, there is no such thing as healthy coffee brands. All coffee brands are healthy to them. To them, taste is a much more important aspect that needs attention. Coffee does indeed have significant qualities that are good for your health in general. Coffee is said to have the properties that can prevent a wide range of diseases, from liver cancer to type II diabetes to Parkinson’s disease. These findings may not be conclusive; researches are still being conducted on these facts but all in all everyone believes that coffee is through and through good for your health. But not all coffee is produced the same way. In the process, this also creates a possibility that the cup you sip this morning does not have all the necessary elements your body needs or you expect.


Furthermore, different people react differently to different coffee brands. Some brands have high acidity levels while some others not. This acidity levels affect stomach acid production. So, a person with acid reflux may suffer from sipping a cup of highly acidic coffee. By the end of the day, the brand you choose finally determines how your acid reflux would turn out, which could affect your morning moods.

Determining health benefits of a cup of coffee is also rather tricky for there are other factors that affect its overall quality. The so-called healthy coffee brands are not spared from these factors:

  • Brewing method

Filtered brew has higher possibility in raising the levels of cholesterol by up to 20%. When you filter your coffee grounds, cafestol and kahweol contents in the coffee would be left out.

  • Milk

Addition of milk into the coffee does not directly lower the level of phenolic acids, which are the beneficial antioxidants in the coffee. By comparison, sugar and non-dairy creamer do indeed lower the level of this antioxidant.

  • Miscellaneous additives

Health factors in coffee might be negated by adding creams, sugar, syrups, or something else artificial.


You could find the best possible coffee brands out there in terms of healthiness but if you add something into the coffee, your action would result in the coffee not having the best effects in your life. Still, if you are still out for the healthiest coffee brands to try, there is one simple thing to do to determine if the one brand you choose the perfect option for you.

The key is certifications. One or more of the seals of approval listed below should appear on healthy coffee brands:

  • USDA certification indicates that the product is grown without genetically modified seeds, fertilizers, or toxic pesticides.
  • Fair Trade certification indicates that the farmers involved in growing the coffee plants are paid fair wages.
  • Bird-Friendly certification indicates that the plants from where the product is produced are shade-grown and organic. This means that the product doesn’t involve cutting trees (which are important for migratory birds).
  • Rainforest Alliance certification indicates that the product is manufactured by minding fair treatment for workers and the rainforest.
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