how much caffeine in decaf coffee
how much caffeine in decaf coffee

Solving the Mystery of How Much Caffeine in Decaf Coffee

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Before switching to it, you need to know how much caffeine in decaf coffee. Going by its name, it is easy to say that decaf coffee is the kind of coffee that has been rid of its caffeine contents. Per this understanding of the subject, you may argue that a cup of decaf coffee contains zero amount of caffeine. Anyone who wants to enjoy a cup of coffee but is unwilling to experience effects from caffeine will easily choose decaffeinated variant off the menu list in their favorite coffee shops.

However, this view may not be true. A study by the University of Florida shows that decaffeinated coffee does indeed still contain caffeine, although the percentage of it may vary. If you look forward to getting your morning share of coffee without all the jitters coming along, decaffeinated coffee may not be the one to take. Decaf coffee is certified as such when 97 percent of the original caffeine has been removed from the coffee grounds. You may think that the remaining 3% is inevitable and if that is what it takes to give you caffeine-free days, then that’s the amount you have to live with, right? However, there is so much more to just this.


To figure out how much caffeine in decaf coffee, you need to trace it all the way back to its origin: the coffee beans themselves. The two most common crops used in making commercial coffee are:

  • Robusta beans

Robusta beans are known for its hard nature. Their taste is harsher, making them a much more inferior variety in general. Robusta’s caffeine content is twice larger than that of Arabica’s. As such, while the process of decaffeination removes 97% of the total caffeine content off the beans, there is still considerable amount of it remaining.

  • Arabica beans

Arabica beans are more delicate and much sweeter than Robusta.

Coffee makers are not required to include the amount of remaining caffeine in a cup of coffee, which would make it hard for you to figure things out. Therefore, you would be better off knowing the coffee beans used in making that cup instead.


So, how much caffeine in decaf coffee? In a 12-ounce cup of coffee, there should be anywhere from 3 to 18 milligrams of caffeine. By comparison, regular coffee contains anywhere between 140 and 300 milligrams of it. A can of 8.4-ounce Red Bull, meanwhile, contains 80 milligrams. Knowing the number will help anyone sensitive to the jittery effects from drinking a cup of regular coffee. Now, if you want a caffeine-free day, you may as well eschew from drinking coffee at all. There is no such thing as caffeine-free coffee and beverages made with coffee should never be labeled as such. Switching to tea is also pointless as non-herbal teas contain caffeine as well. In addition, it might be a good idea to stay away from decaf altogether. Methyl chloride, the primary component used in decaffeination, is regarded a substance that’s highly carcinogenic.


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