best coffee beans for cold brew
best coffee beans for cold brew

Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew Based on Your Personal Taste

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Many people do not know the best coffee beans for cold brew. That is because many of them just do not realize that this kind of brewing method is not the same like many other brewing methods that you can find, especially the hot brew. That is because when you are using the cold brew, you are using the low temperature to get the perfect coffee that you want. If you are looking for the best coffee beans that you can simply use for the cold brew, then you will need to learn about the type of cold brew coffee result that you want to have. That is because the different coffee beans will give you the different taste after the cold brewing.


  1. For your information, there are some things that can simply determine the quality of the cold brew, other than the coffee bean itself of course. Basically, you should not see the name of the coffee. That is because even the cheapest coffee bean can be the best result for the cold brew coffee style.
  2. If you love to drink coffee and you want to make the cold brewing, then you will need to start with the Robusta coffee. That is because the Robusta coffee has the thicker taste and this one is considered as one of the best coffee beans for cold brew that you can get since the cold brew will take the bitterness and caffeine out of your coffee.
  3. Besides choosing the Robusta coffee, you will also need to make sure that you are not choosing the freshly roasted coffee for this kind of need. Yes, that is because the freshly roasted coffee has the better taste for the hot brew, but not for the cold brew.
  4. You need to realize that in cold brew you have to wait at least 12 hours before you can drink the coffee. That means your freshly roasted coffee will be a waste. Because of that reason, it will be better if you get the kind of old time roasted coffee bean, especially if the coffee been is dark roasted. That will be better for the cold brew coffee.


If you are still asking for the best coffee bean that will give you the perfect cold brew, then the answer is still varied based on your personal taste. However, there is one more thing that will determine the taste of the cold brew that you make. It is the duration of the brewing. Yes, basically people will do the cold brew for about 12 hours. However, if you have found the best coffee beans for cold brew and you still want to get the better taste for the cold brew, you will need to wait at least a full day to get the perfect cold brewing result that you want. In conclusion, there are so many things that determine the quality of the cold brewing coffee and there is no specific bean that you have to use to get the best cold brewing coffee since everything depends on the whole processes.



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