does coffee stunt growth
does coffee stunt growth

Thoroughly Explore the Growth of Coffee Stunt

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Some foods or drinks have been studied as coffee. Research has looked at possible coffee linkages in cancer, infertility, heart disease and a host of other problems (more of them later). But, have you ever heard that Does Coffee can stunt your growth? Apparently, this is a common belief.

Fact or fiction

There is no valid scientific evidence to suggest that coffee can stunt a person’s growth.
This idea may stem from the misconception that coffee cause’s osteoporosis (a condition that may be associated with a loss of altitude).

But blaming coffee for losing stature because osteoporosis is the wrong reason for at least two reasons:

  • Coffee does not cause osteoporosis.
  • Osteoporosis does not routinely keep you short.

Another problem with the “coffee stunts your growth” theory is that most growth occurs well before most people drink coffee regularly. By the time we are teenagers, most people almost reach the peak. For girls, this is usually at the age of 15 to 17 years; for boys, it’s a little later. You cannot “undo” bone growth after it’s done

Several decades ago, research reported that coffee drinkers may have an increased risk of osteoporosis. It is recommended that:

  1. Caffeine can increase the body’s calcium elimination.
  2. Lack of calcium can cause osteoporosis.

Sure, this attracts a lot of attention and attention. After all, there are millions of coffee drinkers, so maybe everything is at risk. But the caffeine effect on small calcium excretion. And the link between coffee consumption and osteoporosis has never been confirmed.

In fact, when research showing a relationship has been analyzed, it turns out people who drink more coffee with less milk and other calcium-containing beverages. So maybe it’s the intake of calcium and vitamin D foods among coffee drinkers, not coffee, which increases the risk of osteoporosis.

The cause of growth

Osteoporosis with compression fracture can reduce adult height. But you can also lose height without osteoporosis.

Discs above and below most of the spine (vertebrae) contain water. They lose water with age, so it can degenerate and compress a little. If the disc is sufficiently affected, you may lose a measured amount of height from time to time.

Spine curvature (scoliosis) or bending of the spine forward (kyphosis) can also cause a high loss. The most common causes of scoliosis and kyphosis include osteoporosis (in adults) and developmental abnormalities (in children).

For anyone concerned about the effects of coffee consumption on bone health, the more calcium and vitamin D through diet (or supplements) can resolve this problem immediately.
And while it is true that people with osteoporosis in the spine may lose their height (and often have curved spines), it is a fracture, not the osteoporosis itself, which causes a high loss.

Benefits and risks of coffee addiction

Excessive coffee consumption (six or more cups per day) is associated with reduced fertility and miscarriage (although definitive studies are not available). In addition, withdrawal of caffeine is a common cause of headache, and can worsen heartburn due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

But most coffee drinkers have no annoying side effects. And many studies have “cleaned” coffee as a cause of serious illness, including cancer and heart disease. In fact, studies have linked coffee consumption to several health benefits, including reduced risk:


Type 2 diabetes

  • An abnormal heart rhythm
  • Blow
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Liver disease
  • Certain cancers (especially liver cancer)

Whether coffee turns out to have significant health benefits, this popular drink does not hamper your growth. Your height is largely determined by the height of your parents and the quality of your food and overall health as it grows. If you eat a balanced diet and take action to avoid osteoporosis, you will most likely reach the maximum height “allowed” by your genes. And, sorry: Just as drinking coffee will not make you shorter, avoid it will not make you taller.

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