Dallas Cowboys coffee mug
Dallas Cowboys coffee mug

Dallas Cowboys Coffee Mug and Other Mugs as Collectibles and Items to Be Resold

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Have you ever thought about Dallas Cowboys coffee mug can be a great addition to a mug collection? In the past few years, there are more and more people who prefer to collect coffee mugs instead of other things like tea cup set. Many of these people are coffee lovers or simply the collectors of antique and vintage items. Yes, some coffee mugs are old enough to be sold at high prices.

Why Can Coffee Mugs Have Such High Prices?

There are numerous reasons why coffee mugs can fetch such high prices. Rarity and the history behind the mugs are the most common reasons. A rare 2009 Puerto Vallarta mug by Starbucks is notably rare and can even be sold for more than $1,000! An old Snoopy mug can be sold for at least $50!

Not all coffee mugs can fetch such high prices. With that being said, new mugs can be sold at higher price as well. Although that they won’t be as expensive as the rare or vintage mugs. A limited edition of Cowboy Dallas coffee mug may be sold more than its actual price. Fans of NFL would love to get it.

A very important key to the high prices of some coffee mugs is nonexistent of community that actually spread information about these mugs. This is beneficial for you if you intend to make profits from reselling a variety of mugs.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Coffee Mug Reselling?

Selling a Cowboy Dallas coffee mug or any other mug is beneficial but you need to consider pros and cons. If you intend to make profits, you better learn about these important points.

The Advantages

  • Coffee mugs are needed by many people.
  • They’re easy to be found.
  • Used mugs are cheap and often sold at only $1 or even less or a little bit more if the seller knows the value of the mug.
  • It’s easy to check the mugs from possible flaws like cracks.
  • They’re easy to be kept in shelves.

The Disadvantages

  • Mugs are breakable.
  • Selling these mugs mean you need to have the best packing method to prevent the mugs from breaking.
  • Most coffee mugs are not particularly valuable.
  • Tough competition because a lot of people sell coffee mugs online!

What Kind of Mugs That Will Truly Fetch High Price?

As you see, there are so many coffee mugs out there. However, you know that not all of them valuable. So, what kind of coffee mugs that fit this category? Is a Dallas Cowboys coffee mug fit in this category or not?

  1. Vintage mugs are highly valuable. Most of them will fetch high price especially when you know exactly the details of the mugs. When you know what you’re selling, buyers will be less hesitant.
  2. Mugs from Starbucks are great. Some of them are really rare and highly sought by many. But many of them are not much of value. However, you can always buy every Starbucks mug you see and sell the less valuable ones as a set.
  3. Mugs featuring Disney characters can be good. Sometimes, selling these mugs can be difficult. Therefore, you need to be careful as you shop for these mugs.
  4. Mugs featuring famous places, famous people or the characters from famous movies or famous television programs.

Start Selling the Mugs at Reasonable Price

How to price the mugs reasonably? Just check online auction websites like eBay as a starter. Browse through the price list to get an idea of how much you can sell the coffee mugs. Checking what others have will also give you an idea of what keywords can be used for the listing. If you’re careful enough, a Dallas Cowboys coffee mug may bring you great profits.


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