microwaveable coffee travel mugs
microwaveable coffee travel mugs

Microwaveable Coffee Travel Mugs, How to Select the Best One

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Microwaveable coffee travel mugs gain more popularity amongst coffee lovers. These mugs are specifically made to fit the need to chug in caffeine as you travel. The idea comes simply from the simple coffee shops. As you know, many coffee shops serve takeouts with their disposable travel mugs. And now, many people want their personal travel mugs.

The Reasons to Have a Personal Coffee Travel Mug

Why people want the travel mug? As you find the rising popularity, you may question the reasons for acquiring a personal coffee travel mug. There are actually many reasons to get this kind of mug. Some people wish to be able to retain the heat of hot coffee and disposable mugs from a coffee shop are insufficient. Other reasons include the leak-proof seal and one-hand usability. All in all, many people seek for more convenience.

Things to Be Consider When Choosing a Microwavable Travel Mug for Coffee

There are plenty microwaveable coffee travel mugs. However, that doesn’t mean easy choice for you. If you want the best mugs, you will need to consider the following things:

  • Materials

Mugs are made of various materials. Some mugs are made of plastic. Some are made of steel and ceramic. When you search for microwavable, your options are limited to plastic and ceramic mugs. Mugs with a metal as one of the materials won’t be good.

Amongst the microwaveable coffee travel mugs, ceramic mugs are the more popular options. Ceramic mugs won’t disturb the coffee flavor, unlike some plastic mugs. But if you wish to get the plastic mugs, make sure to find the ones that won’t heavily affect the taste of coffee.

  • The Seal

When you travel, you don’t want the coffee to spill on your clothes as you carry the travel mug. Therefore, you will want to get the mug with the best sealing. It is a very important thing if you carry your mug in a bag. You need to be extra careful.

The ceramic mugs are notable for unreliable seals. The sealing capability is often disappointing. But these mugs might be enough if you don’t really carry your mugs everywhere. However, if you really need the seal, plastic microwaveable coffee travel mugs will be the better options.

  • Heat or Cold Retention

As aforementioned, many people love to enjoy their coffee as it’s still hot or even cold. Acquiring the mugs with the ability to keep the heat or the coldness for a long time will be a great thing. That being said, this feature may not be really important if you’re going to use the microwave to heat your coffee.

  • Ease of Usage

Sometimes, you want to take a sip of coffee while you’re driving. Imagine unscrewing the lid every single time. What a hassle! Therefore, you need to find the microwaveable coffee travel mugs that allow you to take a sip while your other hand can still control the steering wheel.

  • Construction

Naturally, you want your travel mugs to be durable. You don’t want to accidentally spill all of the coffee! If you wish to acquire utmost durability, ceramic mugs might not be the ones for you.

  • Easiness in Cleaning

It goes without saying that you need to clean your travel mugs every now and then. Obviously, you want the mugs that can be easily cleaned without a problem. Some travel mugs can be washed in a dishwasher while some require manual cleaning.

Everyone has different criteria to what they think as the best. After reading the points above, you may already have the image of your ideal travel mugs. What you need to do next is to browse through the microwaveable coffee travel mugs to find the perfect one for you.

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